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We are there every step of the way...

Car Touch Screen

Rental Car

After providing the required items, we put your client into a rental car as soon as the SAME DAY! We can even deliver rental car upon request or we can send a driver to pick up the client.

Tow Truck

Easy Tow

We will tow your client’s car from their home or impound yard to our facility where we provide estimate and photos to the insurance adjuster to make the PD process as fast as possible.

Car Mechanic


We can provide your client with multiple repair options and facilities. Clients do NOT have to commit to any of the facilities offered, and we are happy to work with any facilities preferred by the attorney, client, or insurance,

Document with Pen

Billing & Lien

Our team will negotiate with the insurance company to get all bills paid and in the event that there is any remaining balance or unpaid deductible we will carry

the lien.

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